Lover's Lunches

Picnic hamper request form -

Please complete the survey to reserve your hamper. We require at least 24 hours notice to process your request. Hampers are subject to availability and not all requests may be able to be met.





Terms and conditions -

The hamper must be picked up from the National Rhododendron Gardens, we cannot deliver it to the bed and breakfast.

The hamper is packed on the pickup day and the food is to be consumed within 3 hours of your pick-up time. Any left over food after the 3 hour period should be disposed of or left in the hamper for us to discard.

National parks have a policy that you take away your own litter. Please ensure all litter is put back into the hamper after you have finished your picnic.

Please be aware we require credit card details for a $150 deposit on the hamper. We only take payment of $35 per person ($70 per hamper) but pre-authorise a further $150. The $150 pre-authorisation is only processed if the hamper is not returned to the designated drop off spot.

You will receive an e-mail or a phone call to confirm your hamper booking. If you don't receive a confirmation then please call 97510937 to make sure we have processed your hamper order.


Please only hit the submit button once. It takes a few seconds to process. The confirmation page will appear when your enquiry has been sent.

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